My name is Bill Adams and I am the founder of Hurricane Fact is an online resource for finding latest information about hurricanes.  I and my colleagues have been working hard to gather useful facts about hurricanes and put them all in one page.

Our goal is to help meteorologists, teachers and students to learn more about this violent natural occurrence. This will help them to better teach themselves and others. We have also provided some safety tips that can help everyone protect themselves against the strongest hurricanes. Here are some information you will find on this page:

  • Hurricane Meaning, Causes and Effects – Understanding what hurricane is, what causes it and what of effect it has.
  • General Hurricane Facts – Basic facts and information on hurricanes worldwide
  • Hurricane Facts For Kids – hurricane facts and information breakdown for kids to understand them bette
  • Hurricane Categories – Find the different types and categories of hurricanes
  • Hurricane Myths – Some interesting myths and misconceptions related to hurricanes.
  • Hurricane Vs Tornadoes – What is the difference between hurricanes and tornadoes? Find out in this section
  • Hurricane Safety Facts – hurricane safety facts, tips and information that are helpful
  • Hurricane Seasons – Find when hurricanes are more likely to occur.
  • Hurricane Katrina : a quick look at some real hurricane Katrina facts and areas affected.
  • Hurricane Irma
  • Hurricane Harvey
  • Hurricane Sandy

Please use the contact us page to reach us if you have any inquiries.