Have you ever imagined how storm or wind could be so destructive as to cause death, loss of that very beautiful tree or flower which protects you from the rays of the sun, loss of your home, your school and even that pet uncle Joe got you on your seventh birthday?

how do hurricanes form

This is definitely not the usual wind or storm you see every day. This is the kind of wind which can separate you from all you have ever loved; it is a really unique kind of storm.

They are fierce, violent, and deadly and can leave you and your beautiful family homeless. They are known as hurricane and tornadoes.

When  they occur, houses are pulled out of its foundation and slid from one point to another, roofs  break off, buildings collapse, people are trapped under  objects and cannot save themselves, cars become hidden underwater, trees are uprooted, cars tumble, animals are lost, windows and doors are broken, they are highly destructive and the aftermath is economic loss.

No one ever dreams of experiencing such a dangerous event in his/her lifetime, because there is absolutely nothing funny about these two.

One very interesting thing to know about these two natural destructive agents is that they can be forecasted even before they occur, this is done through technology, and you can be warned to move from a location where it is likely to occur to a safer location where it is less severe or serious.

So this leaves you with an option to run, hide and take cover away from its destroying effects since you cannot control its effect on the environment once it hits. Let us look at hurricane vs tornadoes comparison

Hurricanes and tornadoes share similar features in that they are both destructive winds that occur when the atmosphere becomes unstable, which is followed by rain, thunder and lightning which moves in a rotating form. Note that they also differ in size and formation.

Hurricanes Vs Tornado Comparison For Kids

Firstly, hurricanes are usually larger in size than tornadoes.

Secondly, hurricanes occur over the ocean, while tornadoes usually occur over land.

Thirdly, hurricanes cover a wide area of destruction while tornadoes, on the other hand, cover a narrow path of destruction.

Fourthly, hurricanes can last up to three weeks while tornadoes can last for just an hour but trust me they can as well be as deadly as a hurricane which lasts even longer, and the damages it causes destroys nutrients in the soil and vegetation.

One may wonder, what could be the cause of these two deadly events which can go as far as lifting a very heavy large truck from its position, uprooting buildings from its foundation and destroying our favorite car? When and why does it ever occur? Can it be prevented?

Hurricanes which are also called typhoons occur when warm air is replaced by cooler air. At the center of a hurricane is an eye which usually has low air pressure it can become very tall and can reach up high into the sky.

Tornadoes too are called twisters and has a shape like a tunnel, it is formed as a result of the presence of warm and moist conditions in the lower atmosphere and cold and dry conditions in the upper atmosphere, as a result, the cold air starts sinking and warm air starts rising when the number of warm increases, it becomes stronger and can clear anything that it comes across.

One lesson you must learn from this is that ensure you always watch the news to know when a hurricane or tornado is possibly going to occur, so u can be prepared, gather your toys and secure them so they don’t get blown away, it is a monster and is not a friend to anyone, not even little children.



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