If you are looking to buy hurricane fans, then this article will help you make the right choice. Hurricane fans have modern designs for optimum performance. The brand name is Hurricane, so these fans have nothing to with the tropical cyclone or storms.

The reason we added this topic to our website is that we have made a list of products with the word Hurricane. Hurricane is a tropical storm that hits its target at maximum speed. The speed of a hurricane wind inspired the production of hurricane fans as they are a good source of ventilation.


Types of Hurricane Fans

For a fact, “not all fans are created equal.” Hurricane wall fans come in different sizes, shape, and color.

  • 12 Inch Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane fan 20 inch

“It comes with 5-foot 120-volt power cord and covers 90 degrees of space. You can select from speed 1 to 3 depending on how much ventilation you need. 12-inch hurricane wall mount fan comes in different colors such as white, black and silver.


  • 16 Inch Hurricane Wall Mount Fan

hurricane 16 inch fan

Don’t buy a 12-Inch wall mount hurricane fan if you have the money and space for something bigger. A 16-inch fan wall mount fan has the same feature with the smaller one. Both are made of powder-coated steel grill with chemical resistant polypropylene fan blade.

These are the two types of hurricane fans – the difference is the size and color. The 16-inch hurricane wall mount fan is common compared to the 12-inch fan. You can find the 16-inch wall mount fan at Amazon and eBay.


Hurricane Fan Prices

The price of a hurricane fan is around $30 to $45 depending on the size. It is cheaper on Amazon and you can get good discount prices for hurricane fans. Here is a list of cheap hurricane fans at Amazon:

  • 20 Inch Hurricane Wall Mount fan – $50
  • 16 Inch Hurricane Wall Mount fan – $35
  • 4.5 Inch Hurricane Axial fan for Green House – $30

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8 Hurricane Fan Maintenance tips

  1. Clean the fan blades when there is too much dirt or dust.
  2. Remove the plug from the wall socket before attempting any maintenance.
  3. Use a soft brush or damp cloth to clean the blades and body.
  4. Use Warm water and mild detergent to clean the blades when necessary.
  5. Gasoline thinner and other chemicals should be avoided when cleaning the fan.
  6. Do not use a hurricane fan where there are explosives or flammable fumes
  7. Do not mount your hurricane wall mount fan on a ceiling.
  8. Do not use place the fan near your window to avoid exposure to rainwater.