If you reside in a landlocked part of the world, this article may not mean much to you, However, if you and your family live on or near the cost, the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms can mean much to you. Hurricanes and tropical storms can pose a great threat to your life and property. The best thing to do whenever the period of hurricane approaches is to prepare ahead for the worst. In this article, we shall briefly discuss how to prepare for a hurricane.

Home supplies

Stock up essential home supplies like a battery, water, and non-perishable food items in advance. You don’t need to wait until the arrival of a hurricane before you start to prepare. Things may become scarce and more expensive by then.

Credentials and documents

Gather your documents and credentials in a plastic waterproof bag and keep them close. Make sure this bag is always ready for you to grab and run in case of emergency.

Electricity alternative

One of the commonest effects of hurricanes is general blackout which may last for days depending on the kind of storm. Therefore, you should consider having batteries or solar-operated devices as a backup. Also, make sure you have a regular corded phone in case there isn’t electricity to charge your mobile phone.

Cash, cash, cash!!!

It is a must to have enough cash with you. You will definitely need some money during and immediately after the storm. If you rely on ATMs or other electronic money media, you may end up in disappointment.

Trim the trees surrounding your home

You have to protect your properties also. Check the trees in your yard and those surrounding you and ensure they do not extend to your property. Remember that heavy storm can fall those trees thereby causing a great damage to any property in their way.

Hurricane tape

One of the most effective ways to protect your home is cover all opening. You should cover your windows, doors, and other openings with hurricane tapes. Hurricane tapes are multi-purpose utility tapes that are much more durable and weather resistant. They have a high tensile strength and does not stretch. Hurricane tapes do not only minimize injuries to your properties, but it also minimizes damage to property by keeping debris and water from penetrating into the property.

Relocate fragile items

It is also important to assess your living spaces before the hurricane finally approach. If you have furniture or any other property that is vulnerable to water or wind, make sure you move them to a safer place. Remove items that can be easily moved by wind also. Likewise, you may consider relocating your mailbox, electrical fixtures and other aesthetics from your outdoor.

Get your vehicle in a good working condition

Before the hurricane finally starts, make sure your vehicle is filled and in a good working condition. Note that you may need to evacuate your home on an emergency basis and your car shouldn’t be lagging. If you are leaving home, make sure you go with vital data and documents regarding your home just in case.

Bottom line

Hurricane and tropical storms are not usually a palatable event. The government of the affected regions usually value millions of dollars for clean up while several hundred properties are usually affected. If your area will be affected by a hurricane, the authorities must have informed you ahead of time. Upon this, the next step is not to run away. Even if you will do, make sure you put into consideration all the factors listed above.


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